As soon as we started life on the road, it was clear what we couldn’t live without. We wanted to do a quick post on the items that have made our travels so much easier with a child and definitely more enjoyable!

  1. Tablet

We’ve loaded the tablet with lots videos (mainly Peppa Pig) and games and it’s been a life saver especially when Ava wants some down time or you just want to relax at a nice café.

  1. Books/toys

Having a few books and toys are essential to keep the little one occupied especially on bus’s/train’s/plane’s where there’s lots of waiting around. Books have also been a great way to maintain our night time routine.

  1. Thermos food flask

This is such a great item! Travelling can be so unpredictable sometimes but with this flask we can guarantee Ava can have some warm food on the go. It can keep food warm for up to 6 hours and comes with its own spoon. You can pick one up from amazon or large department stores.

  1. Super compact stroller (XSS Mothercare)

This has been great for travelling as it folds down so small that you can carry it on the plane. Great for when she needs a nap or a break from walking, which seems a lot!

  1. Selfie stick

I’m a little embarrassed to add this, but it really is an awesome tool to gets pictures of the three of us without having to ask people all the time. You can take lots of pics in one go and hopefully she’ll be looking in one of them.

  1. Packing cubes

These have been fantastic at keeping our clothes organised both in the luggage and out. It allows us to pack and unpack really quickly without getting things mixed up. They are super light and easy to use. We’ve got different colours for the three of us which also helps to keep things separate.  We got ours from amazon and you can get them in different sizes.

  1. Multi-purpose plug 

This is a great tool as can be used in all sockets around the world, it has 2 UBS ports but the best thing is, it has a surge protector which can protect your electronics.

  1. Laptop

This is a really obvious one, but having a small, lightweight laptop acts as a work station and great for some entertainment at the end of a long day.

  1. Camera

Having an SLR camera is another obvious one. It’s a bit of a beast but it’s hard to get the great image quality without one.

  1. Thermal clothing – top and trousers

It’s great to pack at least one pair of light, thermal top and bottoms. They take up hardly any space and you can layer up when it gets really cold.

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