Here’s a list of absolute, essential tech that all travellers should not leave home without.

  1. Lenovo laptop

The Lenovo X250 with and expanded battery pack is an amazing laptop. It has a fantastic battery life, its compact, easy to use, robust and great value for money too.

  1. Multi-purpose plug

This plug has been really useful as it has dual UBS ports, can take all international plugs and can even prevent damage from power surges.


  1. Selfie stick

I’m a little embarrassed to add this, but it really is an awesome tool to gets pictures of the three of us without having to ask people all the time.

  1. Tablet

We’ve loaded the tablet with lots videos and games and it’s been a life saver especially when Ava wants some down time or you just want to relax at a nice café.

  1. Camera

Having an SLR camera is another obvious one. It’s a bit of a beast but it’s hard to get the great image quality without one.

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