Our Story 

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it was that made us go from dreaming about this to saying ‘okay let’s do it!’ I think it was a combination of many things. We’d got to a point in our lives where we had good jobs, a baby, had just moved into a new house and this idea that we should just settle down and grow old together didn’t quite cut it for us. Don’t get me wrong we want all of those things, but there has always been this itch to see the world, to explore, to have new adventures and to do this freely and not just within a designated two week window. For us this is more than just a holiday, it’s an opportunity to slow down, to spend time together, to take things in and ultimately break away from the monotonous working life.

But even more than that maybe what really helped to make this decision was having our daughter. There are few things in life that give you a reality check on life and time as having a child does, and we wanted to take this opportunity to have this wonderful adventure together as a family.

Giving back

As soon as we started planning, something quite unexpected happened. We felt guilty, really guilty. This big dream of ours felt hugely indulgent and almost quite selfish. It’s not as though we’re wealthy or have inherited loads of money to be able to do this, it’s simply been a matter of working hard, saving hard and making sacrifices. But these feelings cease to abate and maybe for the best as it has made us think that we should try to give something back along the way, however big or small. We are so fortunate to have what we have, our health, our minds, our family, and the ability to do be able to do something like this. Now this is in no way a fundraising trip, or a humanitarian expedition, we just want to be able to give a little back as we will be gaining so much from the places we travel to.

We also want this trip to mean something more than just an adventure. We want to show Ava the diversity of life and living, and instill in her a nature of giving and thinking of others. Our plan is to hopefully spend some time volunteering in the countries where we plan to stay for a month or so and in other countries donating equipment/materials or other items that would be useful. It’s not a lot and we don’t imagine to change the world, but at least it could change a day or a moment for some people.

We’re writing this blog to share our travelling adventures and hopefully inspire other families to start jet setting around the world. We’ll be sharing travel do’s and travel don’ts, fun ideas for family activities, cool places to eat and how you can also give along the way.